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Before you build a home, there are many things you should consider, including the suitability of the land on which you intend to build. This page gives you a handy checklist to assist when choosing a home site.

Power: Is power connected? Is connection underground or overhead? Connection to an overhead power supply is generally less expensive. Commonly, the longer the distance from the house site to the underground connection point, the more costly the connection.

Telephone: Is there a telephone service to the area?

Water: the site connected to town water, or is supply by tank, dam, spring or bore?

Waste water: Is town sewerage available? Or will a sewage treatment system be necessary? (Note: Also consider the space required for an irrigation area and its position)

Access: What issues may arise during construction due to the site (eg. with storage of materials, side boundary access, access by heavy machinery, wet weather)?

Trees: What trees will need to be removed for access and safety purposes?

Soil: The consistency of the soil (whether it is hard or soft) will impact significantly on excavation and foundation designs.

Slope of land: Initial works are more expensive with sloping blocks. The slope of the block will affect the design of the house.

Water drainage: Assess whether water will flow across your block of land from neighbouring blocks of land.

Outlook: Is there a view? Will the view last forever or might vegetation or other construction in the future change the view?

Design aspects: Check the design aspects check list for other points to consider.

Location of the house: Assess the location of the house on the block of land in light of all factors mentioned above.


Difficult blocks of land that require a pole home design, timber or steel posts buildings can be achieved with careful planning and preparation. We can also achieve good results from building retaining walls and split level designs. Often the best results are obtained by a combination of many different methods and the key is to customise the design to the particular block of land.


We will work with you to build your beautiful new home. On narrow blocks we have come up with some very creative ways to enhance your living experience in your new home. We can even work around blocks facing in a non-optimal direction. Sloping blocks with water drainage issues will benefit from our knowledge and specialist analysis. With professional surveying equipment available on the building site we can check the position of the building throughout the building process, which gives everyone peace of mind about the building being built as per the design.


We can assist in the selection and development of new land. New land on the Sunshine Coast is scattered across the coast. There is land in the main building estates and vacant land in existing built up and rural areas. There is also opportunity for refreshing an existing property. Demolition of and existing home in a good location with designing and building a new home is a good option, as long as a sound building cost plan is in place.


If you require further assistance, please feel free to call.