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Costs ($) - What affects the budget? This page lists some different design features which may impact your budget in different ways.

Size: generally speaking, the larger the floor plan, the higher the construction cost

Levels: Multi-storey construction will generally be more expensive than single storey.

Materials: The main structural materials and finish materials, and the interaction between them, will significantly affect costs.

Windows and doors: Timber framed windows and french doors vary in price for different timber, designs, sizes and where they are to be placed in your new home. Larger aluminium windows and doors require construction to a commercial grade and will be more expensive than standard domestic aluminium windows.

PC items: PC items like ovens, cook tops, spas and tapware have a wide variety in prices and quality.

Design: Designs that have more substantial engineering requirements, or require construction techniques that are labour intensive, can make building more expensive.

Variations: Variations on the design after construction has commenced may increase the final cost of your home.

As many other factors play a role in determining price, please contact us to discuss.


The two simple words “how much” can have a wide scope if not narrowed down. To narrow down the scope and ensure you receive what you expect it is a good idea to start with a “cost plan”.

A building cost plan involves developing a cost framework even before a building has been designed and sometimes even before land is purchased. The idea of the cost plan is for the client to receive value for money during the lifecycle of the building.

The lifecycle of a building starts with initial thoughts, building outline, design and documentation, construction, occupation and then maintenance.

“Cost plan = value for money”

Developing a cost plan is by far the best way to save on unnecessary wastage and costs during the building life cycle. The cost plan produces clear and defined targets for everyone involved. It inspires creativity and resourcefulness to meet targets. It assists in communication between everyone and ensures understands the expectations and outcomes to be achieved.

How we start a cost plan? We talk (eg. Have a meeting on the proposed site, if known, and discuss your needs and requirements) and from there an outline for the building cost plan can be produced.


If you require further assistance, please feel free to call.